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10 Signs She’s Totally Into You

So you’re looking for a girl on, and finally, you think you’ve hit the jackpot. She’s beautiful, she’s funny. And best of all, this beautiful, funny girl seems to be interested in talking to you. It’s almost too good to be true, and any guy can tell you stories about that gorgeous girl who they thought they had a real chance with… Who then suddenly disappeared off the face of the online dating earth, or turned down their invitation to coffee with that dreaded phrase, “Sorry, I’m just not interested.”How is a guy to know how not to mistake general friendliness for romantic intentions? Don’t worry – she’s giving off tons of signs that she’s into you, whether she’s aware of it or not.

Keep an eye on her body language

her body language

Keep a close eye on her body language

It’s at the top of the list for a reason. Even the men in the white labcoats are trying to help you out – there have been dozens of scientific studies on ladies’ behavior when on the dating scene. Whole books have been written with play-by-play strategies to help guys read women’s subtle little behavioral ticks, and how to make them work for you to know when to make a move. Keep in mind that a lady exhibiting just one of these signs might be cause for some celebration, but you need to tick several off the list to be absolutely certain of her interest.

Body language and you: eye contact

eye contact

Locking eyes with her can tell you a lot

Eye contact is the first and foremost important thing to be aware of. If she won’t look at you, it’s rarely a good sign. Don’t write it off as a total loss without taking into account the rest of her body language, though. A shy girl might not always be able to meet your gaze, even if she’s interested. Brief, furtive glances in your direction should encourage you, and a pointed avoidance of your gaze should tell you to seek elsewhere.

Body language and you: her hair

playing with hair

If she is happily playing with her hair – she is interested

If she flicks or tosses her hair, that’s a good sign. Like a peacock fanning out its tail, she’s showing off those long, silky locks. Makes you want to run your fingers through it, doesn’t it? (Best to ask permission before you do.) Fiddling with her hair otherwise can have different meanings – she might just be fidgety, and twirling a strand around her finger is a habit that isn’t meant to entice you. Look for other signs that might point to someone who finds it difficult to stay still: jiggling her leg, or fussing with objects on the table. This might also indicate boredom, so tread lightly. If she’s hiding behind her hair, this might indicate shyness. But don’t get too discouraged. If she keeps glancing at you from underneath that veil, she’s bashful, but interested. If she pointedly avoids looking in your direction, back off.

Body language and you: her mouth

biting her lips

Keep looking at her lips

Lip-licking or –biting can be another habit of the fidgety set, but keep on the lookout. If you’ve got a lip-biting lady cuddled up to you in a coffee shop, with her eyes locked adoringly on yours, she couldn’t be spelling it out for you clearer if she hired an airplane to write it across the sky.

Body language and you: her body andyour space

Physical proximity is another huge sign. Is she in your personal bubble? Is she the one that moved herself there? (Cornering her into it, whether metaphorically or literally, gains you no points, and makes you a total creep.) If the two of you are cozied up like sardines when there’s plenty of room to move around – sorry, also no points for getting crushed together in a crowded nightclub – she’s definitely eager to be in your company. She might start giving you a taste of her touch with short, tiny gestures, like touching your hand or arm when she leans in to share a story, or dusting “lint” of your shoulder. You didn’t see any lint there, but hey, you’re sure not going to call her on it. Is her body turned toward you, in a friendly, open posture? Her toes and hips should be facing you, and she should look generally relaxed. If she’s hunched over and facing away from you, that’s generally not a sign of shyness – that’s a not-too-subtle request to be left alone.

She chats you right back

Clipped, one-word responses are an obvious bad sign. But it can sometimes be difficult to determine if a woman is truly invested in the conversation or just making idle chit-chat to pass the time. If she’s trying to keep the conversation going, that’s good. Someone who’s determined can make even chat about the weather go somewhere.

She shares with you

conversation topics

She comes up with interesting topics to talk with you

Chatting about the weather is one thing, but her interest in your more personal stories is quite another. You just shared the heartbreaking tale of how your older brothers threw your Wolverine action figure into the river, shaking your faith in the bonds of blood forever. Does she honestly sympathize, and tell you her own tale of how her older brothers microwaved her own doll collection? Congratulations, she’s proven to be interested in your personal life, and willing to share hers.

She teases you

You are hopefully beyond your boyhood urges to yank on her pigtails to get her attention (save that for the third date, and mind the safewords). For women, this sort of behavior can remain charming, and a way for her to let you know of her interest. Playful slaps to your shoulder, and harmless name-calling? Definitely! Stealing your cap and making you chase her down the street to get it back? She couldn’t be being more obvious, and shame on you if you don’t request her to accompany you to a coffee shop after that workout.

She laughs at your jokes – even the really stupid ones

You know that joke about the penguin and the mechanic wasn’t that great, but it got her howling. She’s either very easily amused or just wants to let you know that she likes chatting with you. Both are great signs. Even if she’s laughing more at you, if it’s combined with the teasing above, you’ve nothing to fear.

She lets you do things for her

do things for her

Help her out

Whether it’s helping her open a beer (you saw her opening them perfectly well by herself earlier), or asking you to explain to her a new app on her phone (didn’t she say she was studying computer science at the University of Regina?), she’s not being dishonest or lazy. She’s just trying to come up with excuses to keep you around her. And who doesn’t like helping a lady in need? It’s not fighting off a dragon, but it’ll do.

She’s interested for sure. Now what?

Do something about it – ask her out. All of the mutual interest in the world won’t come to anything if one of you doesn’t take action, and if she’s hit even half of the telltale signs on this list, you can be very sure about that “mutual” part. Some ladies will take the initiative on this part, but even in this day and age, women love a man who takes charge. Tell her you’d love to see her again to talk more about your troubled childhoods, and plan a specific date and place – she’ll be waiting there for certain.

Are Hookup Sites Just Fake Dating Websites?

No one thinks that xPress is not real, so what are we talking about here? If you are wondering whether hookup sites are really fake dating websites, the answer is no. There are many people who are finding sex on hookup sites around the world. There is no reason why you can’t find it even in Oshawa. Hookup sites are not the same as dating sites, but that doesn’t make them any less real. Hookup sites were created for one thing and one thing only, sex. The reason why people think they aren’t real is because they assume they are too good to be true. The good news is that they are that good, but not good enough not to be real. If you are looking to have the sexual encounter of a lifetime, it is time to give them a try.
she above you

What is a hookup website?

A hookup website is not like a dating site. The people who are on hookup websites aren’t trying to find a parent for their children. They aren’t trying to find someone to bring home to mom or dad. They are just trying to find someone to knock their sexual socks off. It is a way to cut through the bullshit that goes on with dating. The problem with being in a relationship is that it ruins sex. You need a relationship for other reasons, and although sometimes sex can be a perk, it can also be a curse. When you have sex in a committed relationship it can get old and boring. That isn’t the case with a hookup. A hookup is never boring and it definitely never gets old. Sex in a relationship is always accompanied by “feelings”. Sex is a purely physical act that is only complicated by “feelings” and “emotions”. The great thing about a hookup is that it is just for sexual gratification and nothing more. So, if you have sex outside of your relationship with a hookup, is it cheating? The answer to that is “no”. It is not cheating at all. In order to cheat on your partner, you have to give something to the other person. In a hookup you aren’t giving anything, you are only taking.

When you are in a hookup situation there is no power play, resentment, or worrying about pleasing the other person. The only person that you need to please is yourself. Your performance matters only to you. The chances that you will ever see the person again is completely slim. If you do, then you do, but you couldn’t care less. It is all about you getting off and nothing else. One of the most selfish sexual acts on earth, it is truly a gift from the heavens.

How do you know when it is a fake dating website?

Don’t get me wrong, there are some sites out there that aren’t real. They are sites that are set up to lure men in for escort services. But those sites are small independent ones. If you do a Google search and they end up on page 5, that should send up a red flag. The ones you will want to stick with to ensure that you aren’t going on a fake dating website are the ones which rank highest. Like this top-sites list. The thing about ranking is that they are ranked by popularity. The best sites are the ones which the most people are on. That translates into their popularity.

The fake dating websites are going to look cheap and not really be organized at all. The advertising will look like you put it together on your personal computer, and the girls are all going to look like prostitutes. The girls on the real hookup sites will probably be forward, but they aren’t going to look like out and out girls for hire.

What type of person uses a hookup website?

If you are wondering what type of person is on a hookup website, the answer is any type. There are people from all different walks of life who are on them. Married, single or in committed relationships, there are all sorts of reasons why people join sites. Married women who are tired of being ignored by their husbands are looking for someone to pay attention to them are on them. They turn to the internet to find a man who makes them feel young, good and adored again. It is a thrilling way to have a sexual encounter without the fear of getting caught. Many don’t want to jeopardize the lives they have built, but don’t want to live without being sexually satisfied.

There are also single women who are tired of going to bars and being approached by guys that they aren’t interested in. They don’t’ want a relationship anymore than you do. They also don’t want some cheesy pickup line and then to waste their night talking to a guy they don’t care about.

What are the best hookup websites to use?

There is rarely any consensus about which sites are the best to use. You can choose either to use a free site or a pay for use site. The reviews that you read online are not going to agree for one main reason. They are paid to give the reviews that they give. The one who paid them the most is the one who is going to get the best review. The only way to really know which site is the best is by trying them out.

A good site is going to have the most number of members. Regardless of whether they have fake profiles or scams, it doesn’t mean that the whole site is a fake. A site that is good in Calgary may not necessarily be good in London. It all depends on the location. There are some who insist that the free sites are the ones which are most likely to be fake dating websites, but that may not be the case. They have a tendency to have more explicit profiles and advertising, but that is one of the only differences.

The pay for use site may have less scams because they require that you use a credit card to be on the site. That means that you have to be a real person to use the site. That cuts down on the amount of businesses that can use the profiles to lure men in for escort services. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have fake profiles, they just may have a lesser amount of them.
real hookup sites
Instead of asking whether there are fake dating websites why not just get online and give it a try. What is it that you have to lose? If it is fake, the worst that will happen is that you will be approached to pay for sex. All you have to do is say no. The potential of what you can gain is so much more than what you stand to lose. The only way to find out if it is for you is to try it. If you aren’t having much success with one site, try another. You will find the one that is right for you and when you do, you will find all the sex you want.

Body Art that Women Really Dig

A good tattoo means something; a great tattoo looks gorgeous doing it. You wouldn’t get inked up if it wasn’t attractive, right? But sometimes you wonder what kind of tattoo you would have to get to garner the right kind of attention – the female kind, of course. A single woman’s opinion can vary from day to day, but we ran a question and answer panel online, asking female members of various adult dating and sex websites for opinions on tattoos and other body art from women worldwide. Even though none of these women had ever met each other, the results were almost eerily similar.

Intensity on the Spectrum

colorful tattoos

Women like colorful tattoos

“My boyfriend has a full sleeve,” one Edmonton woman told us. “I just love how colorful it is!” Another woman was a little too excited to comment on how much she liked the shine of her fiancé’s new silver earrings. One young single woman admitted that she didn’t like what she called “plain” tattoos at all, but found the brighter pieces more than a little appealing. “I wish more men would get color pieces, they’re just beautiful.”

Call us stereotypical, but it sounds like the majority of women are interested in some extra color and shine. And what’s not to love? Recently more popular than ever thanks to pop culture finally embracing body art altogether – we were shocked to see a character with full colorful sleeves on both arms in the blockbuster hit “Pacific Rim” earlier this year – color pieces are really the best that tattoos have to offer. We figure they’re not as common because of cost and time, but it seems like we’re seeing more these days.

As for brightly colored piercings, it’s a little strange to think of earrings without a shine – but they exist. Growing in popularity are satin and matte finish earrings, metal coated in a fine layer of acrylic, turning the rings into small colorful hoops, but without the glint that so many women appreciate. Maybe the unpopularity is because of context; earrings are technically a form of jewelry, but taking the shine off puts them in a different class than women’s earrings. The way we see it, if women are attracted to shiny body art, then we’ll take the shiniest rings we can find.

Since a lot of you are in the market for a woman or two, we recommend being honest about whether or not you have body art; some women don’t find it attractive at all, and actually consider it a turn-off. The last thing you want is for a particularly uptight lady to cut you off during sex because you didn’t mention having a tattoo or major piercings on the adult website where you met.

Minimalism in Ink, Complexity in Metal

metal ink

Women do love some metal with ink

Another common thread was an appreciation for minimalism. It might seem like minimalism would be on the opposite end of the design world from bright colors, but it’s just the opposite. The best minimalist tattoos seamlessly weave color and design by blending colors together into the simplest patterns and art in the industry. With everything from rainbow music notes to a clockwork leg piece done entirely in shades just slightly lighter or darker than the skin of the wearer, the skill needed to make something with such a complex creation process look so simple is just proof of the artistic skill needed to work in the tattoo industry.

One thing we were really surprised about was the complete switch of opinion when it came to piercings and other similar body art. “You know when there’s the ring, then there’s a cuff up higher on the ear, then there’s a little tiny chain strung between the two? More men should wear things like that” a college student stated almost solemnly serious. We thought the opinion wouldn’t be as common as the last one, but before long we were proven wrong. Apparently the more detailed and complicated the metal, the more interested a woman gets. A quick survey with a group of men from three different sex and adult dating websites – find the list here – claimed that the men involved got more hits and interest when using photos of themselves with earrings visible in their profiles than not.

We should probably add this caveat: apparently most women are distinctly turned off by gauged ears, along with nose rings and piercings anywhere other than the head on a man. The favorite places for piercings on a man are apparently, in order, are ears, eyebrows, lower lip, and tongue. The idea of piercings anywhere else got an even more negative reaction than “plain” tattoos. There are plenty of sex and adult fetish websites where more heavily modded men can pick up women, but take care not to let your body art leave women treating you like a gallery piece – designed to be looked at, not touched.

More Art, Less Statement

art with statement

You can never replace art with statement

Tattoos usually have some sort of meaning – piercings rarely do, so we’ll be leaving them out in this round – but as it turns out, it doesn’t matter how much a tattoo means to you if it doesn’t look good. Seven out of ten women asked told us that the idea of their boyfriend having bad tattoos with deep, personal meanings actually made them uncomfortable.

Basically, getting a sleeve or an arm piece in honor of your dead cat is just fine, but if it’s not a colorful, clean, artistic design, don’t expect any ladies to cry over it for you. And please, for the love of god, don’t just share the story when a woman looks at your ink. If she wants to know about Whiskers’ last stand, she’ll ask. Otherwise it’s just too much information, and an otherwise great point of interest for a lot of women winds up making her want to run away as far as her high heels will take her.


piercings body art

Be original with piercings and body art

Being original with piercings without jumping off the pier of appealing straight into the sea of unattractive body art isn’t easy, and that’s putting it lightly. It also varies wildly depending on where you live. In some areas earrings on men are as common as earrings on women, so it’s either a matter of getting some unique metal to put on, or getting pierced somewhere else. The easiest choice is to ask your piercer about locally designed one-off earrings and take a piercing you already have up to the next level. Most local jewelry artists, especially working with earrings, only make one of any design, and buying it means you’re the only one who has it. You can’t get more original than that.

There are some common ink rules that we’re going to repeat here, for anyone who hasn’t been listening to their tattoo artist and doesn’t want to do the research themselves. Rule number one: do NOT get a heart with an arrow through it and a ribbon with her name on it…seriously. No woman has wanted anything to do with that name in decades, getting it now will just make her think you’re tacky, boring, and uncreative. Rule number two: do NOT get the words “thug life” put anywhere on your body unless you’ve actually been there. Again, she’ll just find this tacky, boring, uncreative, with the added bonus of making you look like a poser.

stay original

Don’t care about the statement – stay original

The key to a tattoo that women will really love is to make it yours. Nobody really cares about the statement your tattoo makes, especially if you picked it out of a magazine. (The only statement mass-produced tattoos like that make is “I got a tattoo out of a magazine”)If all the guys in your graduating class got the exact same tattoo the day before graduation, it’s not going to matter to her. The more people she sees wearing your design, the less she wants to see it at all. A woman isn’t drawn to the statement of your tattoo, or any of your body art, she’s drawn to how it looks.

Aesthetics vary, sure, but at the end of the day you have to think about whether the women you prefer seem to go for the body mod you want. Which would you rather have, those gauged ears you always wanted and no sex no matter how many adult websites you sign up for, or women asking to touch your arms to feel your new full color tattoo?

Dating a Canadian Woman

dating Canadiam women

You need to be a Gentleman in order to get a Canadian woman

When dating a Canadian woman you might think that you might be a little out of your normal area of expertise. But truth be told, dating a Canadian woman is just like dating any other one. They are still just women and they need to be treated as such. You don’t have to go out of your way to take her to hockey games or go ice skating. While those are perfectly respectable things to do on a date, they aren’t necessarily accurate. Not all women in the U.S. love baseball and not all Asian women love Kabuki Theater. When you’re dating a woman, really get to know her, not just the stereotype that goes with her. Instead of playing into what she should be, play into what she is.

First Date is Important

Take her out on a kickass first date. Really put some effort into the first time the two of you go out. Avoid stereotypical things like a maple syrup factory or something (unless she’s mentioned that she would really like to go there) and instead take her out to a classy dinner. If she lives in a larger city like Vancouver, then you won’t have any shortage of romantic restaurants to pick from. After the dinner and possibly dessert take a carriage ride around Stanley Park, or head over to Vancouver TheatreSports League for a good laugh. The point is come up with a romantic evening that the two of you can enjoy together. You just happen to be in a beautiful Canadian city with a beautiful Canadian woman.

Buy Her Gifts

buy a gift

Women love gifts

After the two of you have started having a few dates and are getting comfortable, you can begin picking up gifts for her. Again, these are more geared toward her, not her nationality. She’s sure to have been around maple leaves and snow for at least a bit of her life, so there’s no need in giving her something that isn’t special. Instead look to her interests. Maybe she really enjoys horseback riding. You can get her something as small as a horse token, or something a bit bigger like new riding gear. If you really want to get in good with her then find somewhere that has horseback riding acreage and pay for some time for her to get on the horse and go. The longer the two of you date, the more elaborate or endearing the gifts will become. Going on a vacation with someone (maybe to your hometown) is a bit much for the third date, but if it’s been a few months then why not? Just make sure you’re paying attention to her and her likes.

Don’t Be Lazy

don't be lazy

Getting lazy in a relationship is not going to work here

When you’re dating someone, there are the right things to say, and then there are the wrong things to say. Just because you’ve been going out together for a while now doesn’t mean that you can start getting lazy. Make sure that you still tell her how beautiful she is, how the way she chews her pen when she writes is cute, and how amazing she makes you feel. The romance is still around for now and you want to keep it that way. As time goes on it’s easy to lose the little things that made it exciting when you were first dating, but you can keep being exciting routinely. That will make it easier to keep the spark around. If you aren’t so amazing with words then text her or email her little poems, it doesn’t matter if you’ve written them or not. The fact that you thought to do that will be sweet enough as it is. You could always pick up a card or something for her as well. There doesn’t need to be a special day to tell her how you feel.

You Still Have to be a Gentleman (At Least Around Her)

impress canadian women

Perform little acts of chivalry to impress her

When it’s time to heat things up a bit, be subtle about it. No woman likes a man who isn’t a gentleman (even if it’s sort of a forward type gentleman). Kissing and touching is all fine and dandy, but there comes a time when eventually the two of you will feel a bond that makes it seem more natural to start thinking about spending nights together and doing a little more than touching. You don’t want to force her into anything, and it seems a bit strange to ask about it. The best way to keep up on how to start becoming intimate with her is to pick up on signals that she puts out. If she seems reluctant when you two start doing more than kissing, then she might need more time to move onto that stage. On the other hand, she might be more than willing to start getting into bed with you. Extra long, lingering touches or seductive looks might mean that she wants you to start making moves. Go along with what she seems to want and you should do just fine.

Now, it’s a little contradictory, but she is Canadian, and in Canada, they celebrate some holidays and traditions that aren’t worldwide. Ever hear of Boxing Day, also known as the Feast of St. Stephan? If you’re not from Canada, then chances are, you haven’t heard about it. Some other holidays you may not have heard of are Victoria Day, Canada Day, and Remembrance Day. Canadians do also celebrate Thanksgiving, but not for the same reason as Americans. They celebrate the recovery of the Prince of Wales from a grave illness that occurred long ago. Now you may not know what these holidays are or even have inkling as to what they do to celebrate them, but that’s alright. You have your own personal, gorgeous Canadian guide. And the opposite can be true as well. If you have a different set of holidays or customs you can share them with her just as easily. It’s almost as if you’ve gotten a package deal on two sets of celebrations.

Stereotypes Can Get You In Trouble

Canadians girls kiss ass

Don’t fall for false pretenses

Social customs in Canada might differ slightly from what you’re used to as well. It’s a common stereotype (albeit a good one) that Canadians are very pleasant people. They are nice and very helpful, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean that you should take advantage of that or be surprised when someone does manage to get angry at you. This applies to your girl as well. She won’t always be in a good mood and she won’t always act like a happy character out of a television show. She has her right to get angry or rude just as everyone else does. When you two are out and about, though, hopefully those that are kind to you do help keep your temper in check because no one, male or female, feels comfortable around someone who is quick to anger when someone screws up the dinner check or spills something.

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that people are just people, regardless of where you live. And you might think dating a Canadian woman is an extremely exotic affair, but once you get past the change in holidays and small social customs, it’s really all the same. Treat her like a lady and you can be saying that you’re dating a Canadian woman for a long time.

How to Keep Your Fling Hot: Avoid Getting into a Relationship

With all the sex dating scam out there, the best bet you have at finding a causal sex partner online is by using the top Canadian sex dating websites. With these websites, you can find a fling date anywhere in the Canada. Now that you know this, read the online dating guide to find out how you can increase your chances of getting laid. Assuming that you have all this down, you need to keep your fling going. Casual dating is supposed to be fun for both partners. There is no pressure to commit so both partners can enjoy time together without any complications. There is however some things you need to observe as far as casual dating in the Canada is concerned. This will help you to keep the fling hot and interesting, as well as avoid the trap of a relationship.

Get The Numbers!

Don’t limit yourself to one partner that you have found online. There are many more places where you can meet potential partners for casual dating in Ontario. It could be at the club, at an event or in an elevator. There is no harm in getting as many numbers as possible. The worst that can happen is the person says no. This will also keep you from getting attached to your casual fling.  You should always look out for new opportunities to date other people.

casual dating sites in Canada

Don’t limit yourself to one casual partner

Experiment with New Casual Partners

When it comes to casual dating, you should never, ever type cast. Go for different personalities that you usually don’t date. Try out different body sizes, ethnicities and so on. There is a lot out there for you to experience, which will be impossible for you if you have a ‘type’. The whole point of casual dating is to try out new things and be open to new experiences. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you might get out there that you have never experienced before.

Honesty is the Key

If anything, honesty is the best way to keep things hot with your Ottawa casual partner. When you are honest with each other, there will be trust between you, and that will help with intimacy. Make sure that you are both clear from the very beginning about what you want. If you want to keep it strictly casual, be sure to say this from the beginning. Do not leave room for assumptions. If you expect the relationship to become more serious as you go along, be sure to mention this to your casual partner. At the end of the day, this will make things clear and avoid problems in future.

Don’t Talk About other Casual Partners

The thing about casual relationships is that you are allowed to date other people. This is an unspoken rule as there is no exclusivity in a fling relationship. This however does not mean that you should tell your partner about the casual encounter in Ontario last weekend. It is tacky and it can only complicate things. You don’t want to be competing with your sex buddy on who can sleep with the most number of people. Instead, keep your exploits to yourself and go with the flow of your current relationship.

It’s Not All about Sex!

As much as sex is a central part of being in a casual relationship, you should still have standards. You should be with someone that excites you, and that you can share a conversation with. You will never get such a partner on scam dating sites like this one, but you can use sites such as to find hot fling partners in Toronto. Casual relationships should be exciting and fun to be in, and so you need to pick the right partner. It is should also be someone that you respect and respects you as well.

Go Out and Have Fun Together

go out and have fun

Go out and have fun

There is a very thin line here that needs to be watched as far as casual dating is concerned. This doesn’t mean that you should cook each other dinner or spend an entire weekend together in your pyjamas. Instead, go out to dinner, or dancing or an activity that you both like. This is a great way to bond, and will definitely have an impact on the sex-life. Don’t get too attached though or go out too regularly. Remember that you are looking for a no-strings-fling and not a committed relationship.

Be Respectful

This is very important. You should give each other space and respect each other. If a partner cannot make it for a date, it shouldn’t be a big deal as long as they have called well in advance to cancel. Also never get into a fling with someone that you don’t find attractive. Don’t feel like you have to get together simply because you have gone on a couple of dates together. And above all, don’t avoid your casual fling. If you are not feeling it any more, come out and say it. There is nothing worse than avoiding someone. Since flings are bound to end, your partner will be sure to understand when you break up the relationship.

Follow Your Intuition

If you really want to get together with someone, go ahead and do it. Don’t hold back online. There are a lot of people out there eyeing the same person. The worst that could happen is you get a no for an answer. If you find someone that you are very interested in, go ahead and send them an email. This especially applies to the women; don’t be afraid to make the first move. You could miss out on a great opportunity when you hold back. Avoid dating scams at all costs as well. If someone you are chatting with online doesn’t feel right, terminate the conversation and delete them. There are a lot of scammers online that are out to get people on online dating sites. These are easy to spot if you have read the online dating guide, although you will still need to be extra cautious when meeting new people over the internet.

Common Scam Casual Dating Sites

These are highlighted in the reviews, which you need to read before you sign up to any casual dating site in the Canada. You will know which sites to stay away from, and which ones are legitimate sex dating sites. There are hundreds of these scam sites and people are being taken advantage of every day. This is why you need to be aware of how to spot scams websites.

Above all else, you should never, ever send money to anyone that you have met online. You should also never accept for anyone to send you money online. Any talk of money over the internet should immediately raise the red flags, and you should terminate the conversation immediately and delete the person. You will get plenty of sob stories from people over the internet about being in a tough financial situation. You should also never reveal your credit card information, full names or personal address to anyone that you might meet online. Keep this information a secret, and always let someone else know before you go out on a date with anyone you meet online. Online dating is however safe, but taking extra precaution is the smart thing to do.


3 Must Know Features Of MS Surface Tablets

The MS Surface tablet is one of the latest entrants to the tablet market and everyone is wondering what is so special about it. As with any new device, there are hundreds of reviews that will be written and each of the review will be unique in its own way. In as much as one may read ten reviews back to back, there are some features that will always be missed and one gets to know about them once they have used the gadget for several days. This review goes beyond the traditional things that most reviews address and talks about three things that most people don’t know about the tablet. Read on and see how the MS Surface beats the rest.

The desktop is more useful than has been said

There are so many reviews that say the MS Surface desktop is next to useless but this is very far from the truth. However, after having the gadget for several days, one will realize how functional the Windows Explorer is. To begin with, it enables one to create and access all shared folders with computers on the same network. In addition, it is possible for one to map network drives and the drives will reconnect automatically once the tablet is restarted. This means that the gadget has more uses and benefits as far as the desktop is concerned and they that call it useless might not have discovered this trick as yet. To add to this, the Windows 8 operating system brings power to the gadget so the speed of sharing files is enjoyable to say the least.

The tablet has multiple log in ability

A person who has experience with any Microsoft computer know that the machine can be used by several people as all they have to do is create their own accounts and protect then with a password. As far as tablets are concerned, this is the only one in the market that gives one this ability. This makes the gadget really useful for roommates and families alike as they get to have their own private accounts that hold all their customized folders. In addition, every account can be customized as far as the settings are concerned meaning that once a person logs in to their account, they find a familiar display making it easy to use the tablet. If there is an area where this tablet has managed to beat all the rest, it has to be with this ability to create multiple user accounts.

The Surface isn't anywhere

The Surface isn’t anywhere

The tablet can be used as a workstation or second screen

As usual, Microsoft has brought creativity out by including a HDMI port that allows the user to output the display to another screen. All one has to do is buy a high quality HDMI cable that goes for as little as $3 and they will be able to transfer the display to another screen. The USB2.0 port that is on the tablet can also be used with any other gadget that will be supported on the Windows 8 drivers list. This capability makes the tablet allow the user to use a secondary screen that has resolutions of 1920×1080, and this is way higher than that of the tablet. It does not matter whether one is watching a movie or perusing through files, this is a killer feature.

How to Turn Your Tablet into

How to Turn Your Tablet into

How To Tell Good Guys From Players

Can you really tell the difference between a good guy and the bad news guy? How do you work on that anyway? Put on a radar or something? If you’re tired of falling for “players”, and this new-found phobia is causing some serious problems with how you deal with men in general, then read on to find out how you can tell apart the sincere ones from those who just want to play you.

The Trouble with Being Nice…

All men seem nice at first—until they start giving signs of wanting to get in your pants more than they want to know you. Finding out who the player is from the pack just got a whole lot harder. We’re not saying that you have to be weary if a guy is being nice to you. If he’s going out of his way to be courteous, if he seems genuine, then you should give him a chance. But if he bigs himself a little too much, never missing an opportunity to tell you how good he is with and that, how he’s better than most men you’ve met—and will ever meet, how much he spent on his car, blah blah blah—get out, and do it fast.

While different men's

While different men’s


Ever met a guy who you felt in total connection with? He’s gazing deep into your eyes, telling you how much he understands what you’re feeling, and that he has gone through the exact same thing? Have you ever heard your heart say “This is it!” until his phone rings and he just has to take that call, or reply to that text. Does he disappear on you for days, with nary a word as to where he is, what he’s doing, or when you’re going to see him again? If the answer to all those questions is a big YES—you know what to do. Enough said.

The Lewd Comments Guy

Jerk Alert! Don’t even think about being friends with this guy, if you barely know him but keep on giving out these lewd remarks like he expects you to find it hot or funny. Let him know he’s not that special, will you?

What A Flirt!

A little flirting doesn’t hurt anyone. And if he only does it to you, then why not? He treats you more special than anybody else, and that’s worth falling for. But if he does it to everyone? Oh man, that is bad news. And also, if he keeps on getting in touch with his ex—or exes, for that matter, we couldn’t say it enough. Stay away from this player!

A little flirt doesn't hurt!

A little flirt doesn’t hurt!

In truth, there are some guys who are harder to crack, so make sure you keep your eyes open. It doesn’t matter how good-looking he is, but if he knows it all too well, and is vainer than you, what’s the point? You’re looking for a boyfriend, not a liability. Always remember that.

iPad: 3 Must-Have Financial Apps

Even if not all people are fans of Apple products, you can’t deny that Apple is taking over the smartphone industry. The numbers do not lie. According to research data, Apple owns 95% of the tablet market. This means that if you take the number of people who own a tablet, 95% of these numbers are using Apple products.

Tablets are bought for the convenience that people enjoy. Instead of bring netbooks or heavy laptops, they prefer tablets because they can do almost anything in it. They can send emails, surf the net and play their favorite games. The big displays are perfect for viewing pictures and for viewing movies. iPads are also popular because of many apps that can be downloaded which can be used for different purposes. One of the mostly downloaded apps are in the finance category or personal wealth management. Here are some of these apps that can be useful to anyone.

Pocket Money

Instead of hiring a personal financial manager, you can install PocketMoney. It looks good in terms of aesthetics and it beats the competition because of its ease of use. The most popular feature of this app is the “budget bar”, which displays different categories according to how you customized it. It displays clear cash inflow on a monthly basis. Through this, you can clearly see areas where you can get your savings. Aside from that PocketMoney neatly displays all your money transactions such as investments, accounts and savings. Because of its features, it’s no surprise that this app has been receiving positive feedbacks from users.

Pocket Money iPhone app

Pocket Money iPhone app


The good thing about HomeBudget is that you can change your regional settings to match the equivalent date and time zone settings. Basically this app keeps track of your streams and recurring bills. This will show you a graphical presentation of all your expenses and can even predict your financial status in the next six months. This app is not limited to one user only. In fact, it can keep track of other financial data and display it in easy-to-understand graphs. This app can also be used to sink with other devices at your home. This app is relatively easy to use, colorful display and can handle different sets of data.

Budget Notes for Home Budget App for iPhone & iPad

Budget Notes for Home Budget App for iPhone & iPad

iCurrency Pad

This is another wonderful tool that can be used by anyone. It can handle sums but has other features that beat any similar app. It can be used for conversion from one currency to another and displays data which can be used in financial transactions. Currencies are very accurate and all the information that you need is displayed properly. iCurrency Pad edges other currency conversion app.

There are still many apps that are available for iPad users. There are apps that are used in much more complex financial transactions while the ones listed above can be used anyone, even those that are not working in the financial industry. If you are an iPad user, make sure you include the above financial app which would become helpful for you later on.

How To Deal With An Angry Boss?

So what do you to do to make the experience working with a short tempered boss make it much easier? Here are the ABC’s on how to deal with your angry boss.

1. Keep calm- Whenever your boss seems to be so irritated with all the people surrounding him, try to think what you will become if you go up to his level of anger. Did you imagine how you both would look like if you deal with him just as he deals with his anger? You may get fired if you mind it too. Just stay on your post and stay calm. If he raises his voice on you, answer properly without raising your voice in return; and if possible, do whatever it is that he is asking you to do without any question. If you need clarifications, just wait a little while until his anger subsides.

2. Listen and Be Honest- Everyone hates to be scolded especially if you know you are doing your best to the job and to impress your boss. Never show your boss you grind your teeth or roll those eyeballs. You can do it behind their back. Just kidding! But let’s face it we don’t want that to happen right? So, the best think you have to do is whenever your boss is telling you bad stuffs that your ear does not like, listen to it because sometimes maybe they do have a point and if not well still you have to listen. Be honest if there is anything that you need to clarify and needs more specific questions that are related to the issue.

Boss yelling at employee

Boss yelling at employee

3. Think of the Solution- When an angry boss is mad and you came along the way and he picks on you. Always remember that, maybe he is dealing with something that is not really related on you but maybe it just happens that he is just really mad and disappointed. You yourself know that you are doing the right thing. So like the other two above, stay calm and listen. Maybe in that way, you could find better solutions that may help him calm down of the situation. Always remember that to think of the solution is better than thinking about the person itself. Trust me, if you think about all the things your boss tells you, you may be finding yourself soon in a mental institution.

Disappointed angry boss

Disappointed angry boss

These are just a few tips that you need to do when it comes to dealing with an angry boss. Keep in mind to put yourself into your boss is shoes. How would you feel like feeling all the pressures from the big bosses? The key to a better relationship with your boss and keep your composure and heads up. Stay calm as you are always and remember not to fight over with your boss if he is picking on you, remember that you are paid to be work for him. Whatever it is that you heard, keep in mind that he has pressures too, it is not only you who is pressured.

Movies: My Favourite 3 Movies this Year

Hollywood never runs out of talk of the town movies. Whether it’s an A-lister or a flunker, movies are always a good subject for conversation and formal criticism. The end of 2012 and the beginning of this year is a remarkable time for Hollywood films as it was able to produce high end production with excellent casting. Just when we thought that Hollywood is over commercialised, some movies stand out and become legendary, so to speak.

As 2012 retreats and 2013 breaks, there are movies which are really worth watching. Not only that it has a rich visual effect and excellent casting, but the story itself is rich with memorable lines.

My Top 3 Movies this Year

1. The Hobbit

It’s been 10 years since the last installment of the Lord of the Rings was shown. After a decade or so, LOTR’s hit the cinemas and received favorable attention. The story centers on Bilbo Baggins, Frodo’s uncle and the second one to find the ring after Gollum. He had an unexpected journey with Gandalf and their dwarf friends to regain a lost kingdom they once owned.

The movie is rich with virtual effects, realistic costumes and make-up that can really enhance the effect of the movie to its audience. Although it failed to reach LOTR’s income, it is not far behind and will make you understand the 3-part movie.

2. Les Miserables

The film is an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s fiction/musical and features popular songs such as “On My Own” and “I Dreamed a Dream.” These signature songs of the musical never fail to give their audience Goosebumps even if it’s done on film and not in a Broadway opera. The success of the melodramatic approach of the character’s struggle is dependent on the music they associate to it which makes it a very musical film.

You are here :Les Miserables

You are here :Les Miserables

3. The Rise of the Guardians

This may be one of the best cartoons produced by Dreamworks. It tells the story about Jack Frost and how he became one of the “Guardians.” The Guardians are a group of fictional characters like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny who protects children’s dreams and childhood in general. If you want a child-oriented film that the whole family can enjoy, the Rise of the Guardians is a great choice. The movie has great visual effects, no dull parts, and completely fun to watch.

With the movie expected to be

With the movie expected to be

There are tons of quality Hollywood movies out there that film enthusiasts can surely enjoy. You can probably check out your local DVD stores and purchase the latest movies of your favorite Hollywood stars. If you want quality films, you can find a list of award-winning movies and watch them.